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Kuliah online February 23, 2008

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Kuliah Online – Fiqh Seerah
Majlis Syura Muslimun UK & Eire
25th February 2008

“Fiqh Seerah
Bersama Ustaz Erfino
Monday at 9.10pm UK time
New York 4.10pm Monday
France 10.10pm
US Central Time(Chicago) 3.10pm
Egypt 11.10pm
Frankfurt 10.10pm Monday
Moscow 12.10am Tuesday
Malaysia 5.10am
Japan 6.10am Tuesday
Speaker: Ustaz Erfino
Language: Malay
Talk: 40mins
Q&A: 20mins
Who can listen/join the discussion?
Anyone from anywhere in the world.
Please observe good ethics and advice from moderators.

How to Listen:
Live Broadcast via:1- PalTalk

1. Download dan Install PalTalk (http://www.paltalk. com)
2. Emailkan username PalTalk anda kepada
msmkuliyyah@ uk

2- Yahoo! Messenger
[for the first 50 listeners only – the rest, please listen via radio below]
Invitations will be sent out 15 mins before. To join, pls send a request (including your YAHOO ID) to:
Moderator: msmkuliyyah
3- Internet Radio MSM
How to post questions to the speaker during the live talk:
1 – by Yahoo Messenger [YM] to:
Yahoo ID: msmkuliyyah
msmkuliyyah@ yahoo.
2 – “Chat room” will be created on the day. Please visit http://www.kuliyyah .com

Check your local time at:

Next Live Online Lectures:

Every Sunday – Malay
3rd March 08, Monday – 9.00pm =
Akh Mahfuzh – Hadis

http://www.kuliyyah .com

Check your local time at:
http://www.timeandd ck/


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