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A Letter.. September 8, 2008

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Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful

InsyaAllah, I wanted to share a little bit about a book I’ve read about a month ago.

The title of the book is, “Letter to a Muslim student in the West”.

Imam Hassan al Banna wrote it to his friend. It contains very valuable advice especially for us Muslim Youth that live here, in the West generally.

InsyaAllah, I won’t write it in full, but instead, I will just focus on a few points that caught my attention and were being highlighted by Imam al Banna in the letter.

Here are the points that were stressed by Imam al Banna in his letter:

>> ‘ Show the best example and the finest image’.

Why? Because, we are in a new community that we that we have not known before and characters that we are not accustomed to. So, don’t you think it is better for us to show a very good example what a TRUE MUSLIM is like in real? [From my experience, they are curious about our religion..But sometimes they only just wanted to provoke us with sensitive issues and look at our it’s best for us to keep our calm serenity always when encountering these people]

>> ‘ Excel in your observance of Allah swt in all your dealings’.

In the Quran chapter 7 verse 27, “… the Satan and his followers will see you from a place that you can’t see them….” Always be mindful in our observance of the One, or else the Satan will be able to infiltrate us and will make us a slave of our own whims and desires.

>> ‘ Perform the obligatory duties which Allah has enjoined upon you’.

In Quran chapter 38 verse 26, “and follow not desire that it beguile you from the way of Allah”. Try to be steadfast in our prayer and perfect our fast, after all they are our capital for the Day of Judgment.. Imagine what will happen if we wasted our capital today, where’s our position will be amongst tomorrow’s profit makers?

>> ‘ Spend the extra time we have to perform supererogatory works like sunnah prayers’.

Continuous remembrance of Allah is like an investment that multiplies rewards. Extra time is like harvesting season and whoever seize the opportunities and benefit from such season; simply multiply their rewards in the Hereafter.

>> ‘ Increase recitation of the Glorious Quran with understanding and deliberation’.

Whenever we recite Quran, don’t we feel more tranquil and calmer? Especially when we understand the meaning as well. Sometimes, when we are in the middle of hesitation and anxiety, the Quran give us reassurance of the pleasure in the Hereafter.. It is simply the best healing for our soul needs and also a comfort to the heart..

>> ‘ Careful with delights of life and pleasures of the world’.

These kind of temptations will incline to our heart, impress our mind, attract the eye and bewilder whoever that have weak spirit. Avoid these worldly aspects, do not let it takes over our actions and deceive us, if we want to be among the successors in the Hereafter. TV series, cartoons, comics, manga, and etc are the examples of the worldly aspects that ‘attacking’ us nowadays. And we have to try our very best, not to be too delighted with these aspects until it makes us forget to work for our Hereafter.

>> ‘ What Allah made Haram for us, those people consider it as Halal for them’.

Neither agrees with these shameful acts nor mix with them in their sins. There’s no excuse for us in committing the acts of fools.

>> ‘ Do not take any of them as company or develop any emotional relationship between you and them’.

A quote from the letter, from Imam al Banna himself, “and in your chastity let there be content and in your dignity let there be adequacy”. We knew better that Allah has made the socializing between men and women a sinful act but yet why are we still doing it?

>> ‘ Do not approach alcohol’.

In this country, it is easy for us to get alcohol, anywhere, everywhere we go. Allah has made it forbidden with neither doubt nor exception. The first drink is all it needs and consequently we will then fall into a pit, difficult to escape from and will have incriminated others and ourselves. “Alcohol is the root of all evil”.

>> ‘ Careful with what is Haram and what is Halal’.

People already aware with what is black (haram) and what is white (halal) but they always wanted to go to the gray (syubhah) area.. Why is this happening? Allah has prohibited that which is impure but we still want to do it.. “Rules are made to be broken,” they said, but don’t we know that obeying Allah is better for us? In Quran, chapter 7 verse 157, “…He enjoins upon them what is good and forbids them what is evil…” So leave that which is bad for that which is good.

>> ‘ Time is life’.

Our time is far too precious to be wasted in a place like casinos or nightclubs etc. Dearest friends, be stringent with our time and do not spend it except for something significant. Seek pleasure in a lawful way because we never know when our lives going to its end. Do we want to die in kufr? Nauzubillah.

>> ‘ Be critical, be just and be well acquainted with people’.

Try not to be judgmental towards others, acquire as much knowledge possible of all their affairs, and analyze it with the insight eye. Use your wisdom to encounter anyone who dishonoring Prophet Muhammad saw, faulting our Quran and disgracing our ummah. Argue in the best manner and try to avoid any controversy that can lead to hatred and fitna.

Opportunities to promote awareness about our religion will come in so many ways, even by showing good example around the others. Do not insult others, instead be positive and show them kindness. We can only try but Allah will decide what’s best for you, the others and me.

Imam al Banna was highlighting dear friends, 12 points in his letter to us, Muslim students in the West. Now it’s up to us to put it into actions, as wise advice will be valueless if not practiced. May Allah give us the strength to follow the guidance, especially me whose writing this.

May Allah protect us and return us in goodness, May He raises us to be the best amongst His successors and may He keeps us safe always. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you readers. Ameen…


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