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Unity beyond borders

Seni Alam February 6, 2009

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6 Responses to “Seni Alam”

  1. wartawan birm Says:


    keep up the good works(^_^)

  2. Munirah Says:

    Subhanallah.. I like.. I really, really like! =D

    More.. more.. hehe

    -terinsipired to start picking up my camera again-

  3. ace Says:

    Inilah jalanku, yg bersnow dan licin mudah tergelincir.
    Moga iman dan akhlak mengukuhkan kaki melangkah.

    -sgt cantik-

  4. nadiah azmi Says:

    subhanallah, i really like the captions..well, the fact that i actually fell down twice on tne same day has made me to think that even if we fell (i’m talking ’bout iman here), and no matter how hurt it is, we can always wake up and just continue to walk until we reach our final destination because we already know what our final destination is…. (faham ke??? ke berbelit2 sgt??)

  5. feel_guilty Says:


    Memang cantik, menarik.. Memang da bomb habes lah.. Hehheh..=)

    Jazakumullah for the very nice pics and pieces of ayat Quran given..

    Very fit in the pics and situation..

    Jazakumullah again.. May Allah reward your efforts..

    And Kak Nadiah, am totally agreed on your comment..

    InsyaAllah boleh difahami.. Tak berbelit insyaAllah..=)

  6. JUS delima Says:

    Boleh buat wallpaper ni….

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