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PMS is back!!! September 3, 2009

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PMS 2009 is now back!~
at Loch Lomond, Glasgow, UK
on 20-26 December 2009

[20th – 23rd for sisters , 24th – 26th for brothers]

Places are LIMITED, so do register soon to secure a place.
So, what are you waiting for? Invite all your friends and fill you winter holiday with the best Winter Gathering ever!~

For more information, please contact local MSM representatives..

PMS: Perhimpunan Musim Sejuk = Winter Gathering during winter holidays.

Brought to you by Majlis Syura Muslimun UK and Ireland, an association registered under Malaysian Students Department.


3 Responses to “PMS is back!!!”

  1. […] p/ss: Pendaftran Winter Gathering a.k.a Perhimpunan Musim Sejuk 2009 di Loch Lomond, Scotland telah dibuka.. Cepat2 register ye! =) For more information boleh klik sini. […]

  2. Salam ‘alaik…
    Saya dh bagi nama kat Kak Nida Fatin Leicester…
    Utk keselamatan, saya nak register lg..
    Nama: Sitti Noor Huzayfah M Hafas
    Course: Mathematics
    PMS & Ski



  3. DrMasdinah MdYusof Says:


    Please help us to get contact numbers of senior MSM members in Birmingham and London as we will be travelling to UK next month and we would like to meet them.

    Kak Mas
    UTM Skudai

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