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marhaban 1432 Hijrah December 6, 2010

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Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah.

All Praise to Allah who gave us a week of white snowfall in the UK, particularly in Westmidlands. There were some excitement and amazement of the Creator and its creation, despite the freezing and slippery conditions walking to and fro to uni.

Yesterday, it rained and swept away all the snow and the frost. Today, Allah brings sunshine which clear up the road from whatever left behind, and gives some warmness that we thought we wont ever have  any more in  this winter.

Subhanalllah subhanallah subhanallah.

Perfect enough for us to ponder about the year that has gone and to welcome the new year which has come.

It is good if we pray to Allah The Most Forgiving to sweep off our sins and mistakes from last year, just like what He did using the rain.

and to hope and walk in His Light, through guidance and the example of the first generation and those who followed after them.


Marhaban 1432 Hijrah.

May we become the muhsinin, the tawwabin, and the muttaqeen for the sake of Allah who gives us this life.


4 Responses to “marhaban 1432 Hijrah”

  1. rayyan Says:

    Alam mmg utk ditadabbur dan memperlihatkan kekuasaanNya..
    hanya orang2 yg memerhati dan berfikir akan melihatnya..
    subhanaAllah..suka sangat 🙂

  2. sufian Says:

    Is it possible the author write his/her name at the end for future correspondence..x bole xpe..saje

  3. msmwestmidlands Says:

    jazakallah atas permintaan/cadangan. will put into consideration n action insyaAllah.

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